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Goats: It all centers around our goats!  We got our first goats years ago to help us deal with excess vegetation due to financial difficulties. We have become very fond of the goats and have come to appreciate all their great charateristics... and learned to manage their more challenging ones. 

Goat Rental: Our goats are raised for the purpose of clearing overgrown land.  Sure, they do other things, but this is their life!  This is their job and this is their focus! This may be surprising since goats are known for "eating everything", but you just can't take any flock of goats to overgrown land and expect the results that a herd of goats who are raised to clear will acheive! Our goats have been trained, and in many cases, born and raised, to live on what the land provides... where they are... year round. 

We believe that goats offer benefits that other forms of vegetation control do not offer: 

  • Quiet 
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Fertilizer Application 
  • Entertaining 
  • And many other benifits... Keep reading! 

Most people refer to it as goat rental, but we like to use the term "Guided Goat Grazing" because we manage the process and have been working with our goats for years to have them forage in the most effective way for vegetation control. 

Technically, goats do not graze.... at least not like most other livestock. They browse. We do our best to work with a goats natural eating habits and to use herd instincts to direct our goats in such a way as to increase the amount of vegetation that is consumed AND to be as healthful as possible to the goats. 

Learn even more about our services here.

Here is a bit about the story of how FlockWorks began.

Petting Zoo / Farm: Our goats are the center of attention of all our petting zoo activites. We love sharing our aimals with people and goats are especially fun for people to interact with. 

Whether it's goats, bunnies, chickens or other animals small children love them and senior citizens often times find themselves reliving their childhood!  Pretty much everyone enjoys interacting with animals! Especially the joy of the young goats and their seemly boundless energy.

Consultations: We offer interactive consolations for those who are interested in anything related to goats, goat grazing or any related subjects like fencing, controlers and more.  

Tree Disposal:  During most of the year we accept tree tops and branches for the goats to have as treats. During the stark winter months we may even offer to remove evergreens for you if you are local to us.

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