Here are a few goat pirtures. More can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Scroll Down for more info on our goats and how we started with them. Keep an eye out for individual goat pages! 

Our first goats grazed our own property on leads. They were tied up and moved around regularly. This sounds reasonable, until you realize goats have NO concept of how to function on a lead. They quickly get tangled up, knock their water over and get into all kinds of trouble. 

We then tried traditional "goat fence" and that works GREAT if you move the fence constantly  (think daily) OR if you feed your goats so much grain that they are fatter than they should be and never try to escape. Our whole reason for getting goats was to clear overgrown land, not buy feed. 

We almost gave up on goats at that stage.  If it were not for portable electric net fencing we would not have any goats at all!  We have now used electric net fencing (essentially) year round for quite some time and love what results our goats achieve when they are always on the move and accustomed to a certain rhythm of life on the move.

Since our goats basically never receive  any type of hay or supplemental food, they are finely tuned for what we raise them to do.... clear overgrown land and decimate what vegetation is available. 

All of our goats are happy and healthy and we believe that they are getting the best selection of food in a natural and balanced way. They may not get the greatest selection at one specific paddock, but they are not in one spot very long and the overall nutrition works out over time. Just like humans often don't get the proper nutrition during one meal, or even one weekend, the overall intake is more important than the individual meal.

Below are a few pictures of some of our goats. We intend to have a page for each of our goats in the future.

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