Really depends on how far back you want to go. but here is the abbreviated version of the founding of FlockWorks...

As it was for many people, "The Great Recession" was not so great for our family or our business. FlameWorks, our full service, efficiency-focused hearth dealership was struggling and extra work was taken on the side. This extra work soon took over everything, mostly taking enormous amounts of time. To dig out our situation the hours were long and we found ourselves with no available time to maintain our property and no funds to do it even if time were not an issue. 

So, we obtained our first two goats. At that time we knew virtually nothing about goats and we just simply tied up the goats and moved them around. We soon realized that goats do not do very well being tied up (think tangled) and we realized how vulnerable they could be to stray dogs or other predators. 

Then we purchased our first portable fence section and that changed everything for us!  There was still more to learn, but being able to keep the goats safely in a given area and exclude any potential predators was a game changer. 

It was not long after this that we discovered how rewarding it was to work with nature to manage nature. We have come to appreciate the characteristics and the personalities of (most of the) goats and we decided to take our experience on the road and make our services available to others in the Cumberland Valley area.  

Our goats travel for clearing work and are used in many area pettng zoos/farms. They are favorites at senior properies, nursing homes and with kids of all ages. 

If we get enough requests, we will link to the full story version here. 

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