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When you reach out to us we will respond as promptly as we are able. Some details about each method of communication are below. Keep in mind, being on pasture and working a traditional job is not conducive to being directly available 24/7. 

If you are looking to work with us in the near future, these are some questions we will likely to ask. If you provide the information up front it gives us a better idea how to serve you. . 

* How much land do you want to be grazed?
* What type of setting? (Rural vs. suburban vs. Urban. Commercial vs. residential, etc)
* What are you trying to accomplish?
* What else do you think that we should know? 

Coverage Area


When you call you may not always get a live human immediately, but if you leave a message we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Provide as many details in the message as you'd like.  

(717) 417-8683


E-mail is our prefered method of commnuication. 

You can email us 24 hours per day 7 days per week and we will always get back to you by the following business day. 

Ask as many questions that you have and we will endevor to answer all of them.
OR, see the form below. 


Texting is another way to reach us. 

This would not be our first choice of coomnication, but if it's yours, reach out in anyway that that works for you! 

(717) 417-8683


You can send us a message on Facebook or even leave a comment.

We do not check Facebook as often as email, but we will get back you you as soon as we see the message and are able. 

TWITTER, etc... 

You can find us on Twitter and you can send a direct message... Howerver, this is not terribly likely to be seen in a timley fashion. 

We use Twitter mostly for quick updates and to post some photos and statuses. 

But if Twitter is your thing, 

PO Box 207 
Roxbury, PA 17251

Phone: (717) 417-8683
Text: (717) 417-8683

Serving South Central Pennsylvania
Principly the Cumberland Valley

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