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Goats have been used successfully all over the world in clearing excess and unwanted vegetation. We have been using goats since 2013 to clear and manage land are excited to bring our animals to you!

For several years we have taken our animals on the road. Basically, all of our animals are friendly, but for our petting farm we make the sweetest and most social animals available to the public.

Deciding whether to work with goats or not is a big decision. There is quite a bit to learn and it can all seem like a blur when reading through the various information available. Our hands-on approch works well for many. 

FlockWorks gladly accepts Christmas trees and other tree-trimmings. Goats strogly prefer trees and brush to grass! Having cuttings, especialy in the off season, can be a real treat for the goats. 

Basically everything is we do is based on the goats. 

GUIDED GRAZING - Of course our main focus is on vegetation management. Our goats are literally experts at keeping vegetation under control and clearing overgrown areas. In most cases, it makes the most sense for the goats to be at your site during the growing season, but our goats are on pasture year-round and there can be some cases where their work outside of the growing season can be helpful. Process is explained in detail here

PETTING FARM: We take our friendliest goats on the road, along with other animals to let people connect. Our typical offering includes goats, rabbits, a friendly chicken or two and occasionally other animals. Places we have gone and are willing to go: Birthday parties, senior centers, open houses, community events, church outreaches, etc. 

VEGETATION RECYCLING - Under the right circumstances, we will accept, or even pick-up clippings and greens for the goats to eat and turn into fertilizer. This service is mostly offered in the winter and we will only offer our animals vegetation that has not been treated in any way with chemicals, fertilizers or other man-made materials. 

CONSULTING - We have been asked for assistance with intentional grazing, electric net fencing and other aspects of goat management. If you are interested in this service, send us an email or find more options here. Contact Page. 

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