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lFAQ's (Less Frequently Asked Questions) 

By Bruce Bradford posted May, 2017

Does the second tier (male) herd suffer with less nutrition? 

No. Male goats have lower nutritional needs. Many experts strongly caution against feeding males and withers grain to protect their health. 

You will notice that they get "anxious" to move faster than the female herd, but they are not suffering, just looking forward to a broader selection of forage. 

What about livestock guardian dogs!?

We have had several people reference other goat rental companies and how they talk so favorably about livestock guardian dogs. While we understand how strongly some people feel about the dogs, we have also heard about dogs getting rough with newborn kids and even killing them.

We have no doubt that this is a rare occurrence and would never happen with a properly trained dog, but to start with an unknown dog is an unsettling feeling and we are not there... at least not yet. 

Also, the electric net fencing is a SIGNIFICANT deterrent to predators. We have our goats on pastue year round and have never had a predator successfully access our goats. We have had a bear charge the fence and appear to get tangled in it, but all goats were untouched. 

Why do you not stay on site with the goats? 

We also have had people imply that because some other goat rental companies live with their goats that that is the only way to manage them.  Although the idea of getting to spend more time with the goats is appealing, we simply cannot make this work at this stage and do not see it as any greater protection than what our goats normally have. We do not sleep with our goats when they are at their home base and lots of that time they are still well out of sight and sound range from humans. 

The companies that travel with their goats are generally MUCH larger, western based companies that are covering LARGE geographic areas (think multiple states) and work a route across those  areas. 

We are only trying to cover a sustainable area in the Cumberland Valley. 

Why do you not bring the goats home nightly? 

We also have had people imply that because we leave the goats on the job that we do not care about their wellbeing. To us, this is backwards. Goats are not terribly fond of change. The one thing that they dislike is being moved around via trailer... especially when they have just been placed in a new area with fresh forage. 

Also, for us, if we brought them back, they would still be on pasture. We do not have any permanent buildings for our goats. We raise them to be effective eaters year round and only provide food if there is significant snow on their forage.  They would be happier and just as protected staying where they are. 

Do you know who else grazes goats? 

Well, we certainly do not know about every goat grazing company, but we do have a list that we try to maintain to help and promote the industry. We really feel that there should be more people grazing goats to manage land in more parts of the country! 

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