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We can help you get started if you want to use goats, etc to manage land and recover it from invasive species, poison ivy etc. 

We are hands on, so if you are close enough to travel to us or one of our jobsites, we would be glad to work with you in teaching the basics of: 

  • Goat grazing for pasture health
  • Goat grazing for weed reduction
  • Seeding with goats
  • Using other animals in land management 
  • Forage management 
  • Seasonal grazing
  • Stockpiling for winter grazing
  • Electric net usage
  • Electric fencing principle and troubleshooting 
  • More! 

Contact us to inquire about avalability or if you have any questions.  

PO Box 207 
Roxbury, PA 17251

Email: info@FlockWorks.us
Phone: (717) 417-8683
Text: (717) 417-8683

Serving South Central Pennsylvania
Principly the Cumberland Valley

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