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Our goats, ducks, chickens, rabbits and more are available for fairs, festivals, birthday parties, community events and more! 

Some of our animals have been to the same community day for years on end and have their own fans. Start your tradition with our animals now at your next event and make it something to remember! 

  • Friendly and social 
  • Interactive and interesting. 
  • Engaging and exciting. 
  • Therapeutic and nurturing 
  • Charming and adorable. 

Our petting services are simple and geared toward your target audience. Examples: For events centered around children, we set up an area where we limit the access and encourage the kids and animals to interact at their levels. For events geared toward senior adults, we typically set up a much larger area where they can come directly out of the building and get settled in a chair and watch or interact more on their terms. 

Pricing starts at $75.00 an hour (a minimum of at least one hour please), and $30.00 for each additional 1/2 hour.  $1.00 per mile round trip transportation fee of Animals. 

Additional Options: 

Indoor events can be coordinated in some cases and seasonal decorations available to match or enhance your event experience. 

Contact us to inquire about avalability or if you have any questions. 


PO Box 207 
Roxbury, PA 17251

Phone: (717) 417-8683
Text: (717) 417-8683

Serving South Central Pennsylvania
Principly the Cumberland Valley

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