Other Goat Rental Companies

A partial list of goat rental companies

We certainly do not know about every goat grazing company, but we try to maintain this list to help and promote the industry. We really feel that there should be more people grazing goats to manage land in more parts of the country!

Here is the most comprehensive link that we know of on the internet. 

And here is a link to a map  and text list showing a growing number of goat rental companies.

The names are in alphabetical  order. At some point we intend to have this list sortable, but for now... 

We are hoping that this will be a fairly complete list at some point, so if you know any firms whos names should be added here, send us an email.

Browsing Green Goats              Maryland           443-964-4972
City Grazing                             CA                                             415-642-7172
Commonwealth Goatworx     VA                                            757-284-2570
Double Trouble Ranch            WA                         360-957-3882
Driftless Land Solutions*     WI                 608-996-2135
Eco Goats                                Maryland                                 410-770-4502
East Texas Goat Rental        Texas                Facebook Page                                            903-850-3136
EWE-niversally Green                            
Get Your Goat Rentals           Georgia   
Goat Browsers                         KY                                        270-670-9460
Goat Central                             CA                                           530-621-2920
Goat Dispatch                     Minnesota                             507-333-5959
Goats Eat Weeds/Ewe4ic Ecological CO                          970-219-0451
Goat Guys                         TN                                                      615-772-5221
Goats for Landscaping     CA                               707-349-1814
Goats on the Go                     Iowa                                          515.257.6846
Goats R Us                                CA                                                      510-526-3337
Haulin' Goats                          Ohio                                           216-280-6299
Hazelton Brush Goats*    WI                        608-996-2135
Healing Hooves                 WA                                       509-990-7132
Herdscapes                      Georgia                                      770-833-9504
Idaho Goat Rental            Idaho                                    208-351-7766
Living Systems                  California            408-507-5700
Rent A Goat                          Chapel Hill, NC                                    858-751-GOAT
Rent A Ruminant               WA                                                206-251-1051
Scape Goats                          Maine                    207-210-4713
ScapeGoats GoatScaping  Massachusetts 508-687-9190
Texas Goat Rentals             Texas          512-588-3149
The Goat Lady                       WA                                                        425-445-0404
The Goatscaping Company MA                                                      617-283-4088
Vegetation Solutions            WI                                        715-347-7196
We Rent Goats                       Wilder, ID                                            208-337-3900
Weed Whacker Goat Rentals Idaho                       208-681-1357
West Side Goat Girl Oregon                                                            360-798-5878
Y'Herd Me New Orleans, LA                                                                 504-615-3425
Yoder Goat Rentals OR                                                        503-989-6922

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